Product Information

 Product Information:

Coffee that Cuts the Fat

Obesity is a common issue faced by many people nowadays. We are generally overloaded with work, having insufficient time to exercise will always lead to an uncontrollable body weight and an unsatisfied body shape.

1-2-Xlim is a slimming coffee enhanced with L-Carnitine, Marine Matrix® Collagen & Oligofructose which helps to reduce body fat percentage and maintain an ideal body weight. Besides that, it is a coffee drink with sensational aroma and flavor.
1-2-Xlim is not just any coffee. It is a coffee that gathers a blend of satisfying flavor and health benefits with L-Carnitine, Marine Matrix® Collagen & Oligofructose!
“Slimming By Just Drinking Coffee! It is very easy!”
      Revolutionary formulation with L-Carnitine, Collagen & Oligofructose
      Freeze Dried Coffee
      Multi-Functional Slimming Coffee
-         L-Carnitine to help the body cell burn fat more efficiently
-         Collagen to promote skin elasticity and youthfulness
-         Oligofructose to promote overall digestive health




     -  Coffee contains high anti-oxidant which protects the body from free radical damage and promotes    

        overall good health

- L-Carnitine facilitates the body to burn fat more efficiently thus helps to lower body fat percentage and
  maintain or reduce body weight
- Contains as high as 500mg collagen thus promotes skin youthfulness and skin elasticity
- Oligofructose encourages the growth of probiotics in intestinal tract thus promotes healthy digestive
   system in the body
-  Reduces tiredness and stress
-  Delays aging


Main Ingredients

 Freeze Dried Coffee

-      Manufactured using freeze dried technology (-40⁰C) which reserves well the aroma and nutrients of

    coffee beans

-      Anti-oxidants which inhibits free radical attack hence delays cell aging



-       Essential nutrition in our body that transports long chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane  

      to turn fat into energy hence it facilitates the metabolism of the fats for the securing of energy, helps 

      body cells to burn fat more efficiently


Marine Matrix Collagen

-          Maintaining the elasticity or tenacity of skin and is the main supportive protein of cartilage of connective

      tissue, tendon, skin and bone

-          Oligofructose is a prebiotic which promotes healthy bacteria growth and leads to a healthy digestion
-          Sugar substituent which is suitable to be consumed by diabetic patients




Low Fat Non Dairy Creamer, Maltodextrin, Oligofructose, Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, Marine Matrix® Collagen, L-carnitine, Sucralose, Anti-caking Agent (E551)

Directions of Usage

Directions of Usage

Dissolve in 150ml hot water (85-90°C). Take 2-3 sachets daily to achieve ideal results.