Product Information

Product Information:
Balanced Your Diet! Get Away from High Cholesterol!
With the growing awareness of the correlation between poor diet and debilitating diseases, more and more people are taking careful measures of sustaining a well balanced and healthy diet. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are with your food choices your body's nutritional needs are not fully met by your meals alone due to poor body absorption or skipped meal practice due to heavy work load.
With IMPIAN NUTRI MEAL, we provide you a balanced and healthy meal. It is just as simple and easy! You can even take it as a meal replacement to maintain your body weight after slimming!
What can IMPIAN NUTRI MEAL do for you?
.Good for lowering blood cholesterol level
 -     Beta-glucan in oat (750mg/sachet) is effective in regulating proper blood cholesterol level thus can
     prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases
.As meal replacement / breakfast
 -      Supply a complete yet nutritious breakfast especially for children and good for those who are busy to
     work and always skip their meal time
.As slimming maintenance
-       Complete nutrient meal provide you a balanced diet which can be used as meal replacement to control
     body weight after slimming treatment
.As complete nutrient suppleness
 -       Good as nutrient replenishment for those who are hardly to have a balanced diet in their daily
Who is suitable to consume IMPIAN NUTRI MEAL?
- Those who wish to maintain a healthy cholesterol Level
- Children /Teenagers who wish to have a balanced healthy diet
- Office worker who always skipped their meal time
- Those who wants to maintain the body weight after slimming
- Elderly people with poor appetite
- People with poor health functions/poor body absorption




-Complete essential nutrients with carbohydrates, protein, essential fats, fiber, vitamins and trace minerals

-Prevents under nutrition occurrence due to poor diet practice

-Red Yeast & oat help to lowering cholesterol and prevent blood arteries blockage

-Fiber helps to promote bowel movement and ease constipation problem

-Rich in antioxidants which helps to promote healthy cell regeneration and slow down aging

-High mineral helps to adjust proper health function such as regulate heart beat rate and muscle function

-Helps to lower blood pressure level and promotes healthy cardiovascular function

Main Ingredients

Main Ingredients
-   Contains as high as 750mg beta-glucan per serving (a beneficial element for lowering blood cholesterol             level which is recognized by Ministry of Health Malaysia)
-    Helps to lower blood cholesterol level and prevent against cardiovascular disease
Mixed Beans Grain Powder
-   Comprises of complete nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals for daily organ             function
-    Promote the healthiness of body cells and provides sufficient energy for daily work
Cereal & Black Sesame Powder
-    Provides fiber and vitamins to daily nutrients need



Mixed Beans Grain Powder, Fructose, Non-Dairy Creamer, Beta-glucan (Oat Soluble Fiber), Instant Malt Extract Cereal, Maltodextrin, Lecithin, Apple Powder, Black Sesame Powder, Red Beet Powder, Red Yeast, Omega-3


Directions of Usage

Directions of Usage

Take 1 sachet of IMPIAN NUTRI MEAL and mix it with hot water thoroughly.